Donegal: The Dolmen of Kilclooney


It is one of the most famous porch stones in Ireland: The dolmen of Kilcloonney is about 3500 years old. He is still surrounded by a special charisma.

#The way to the dolmen

It's not always easy with mystical sites. Sometimes they just do not want to show themselves. Especially in Ireland, I always have the feeling that sometimes the path can turn invisible or even close. Like the dolmen of Kilclooney. He seems not to be accessible to anyone: Who wants to Dolmen of Kilclooney, must really take a heart to find the right path. Because our way ends in a bed. No kidding, in the middle of a bed of the adjoining farm ends the path that the lady had shown us at the information center. The first of our group are turning around again, who dares to land a farmer? And who knows if dogs will be shot there soon. Further back we see an animal gate and meadow with donkeys and cows.

The dolmen from the other side. Here you can see very nice. as he rests on a small stone.

From the dolmen is nothing to see, but we should from the parking lot to the right. It seems that tourists are getting lost and frustrated, because the lady from the information center to the dolmen comes running after us and tells us to follow the path. Just continue, a narrow path leads to the side of the property.

East of the dolmen is another grave.

# Megalithic tomb in Donegal

We climb over the typical Irish fence ladders. The meadow on which we stand is like another world. At least that's how I perceive it. Here the grass grows bright green and the view extends into the vastness. On the right side are bright cows in the pasture, sheep are bleating behind and donkeys are standing in the distance - and the dolmen stands out against the horizon.

Confident donkeys at the dolmen of Kilclooney

The path is a bit muddy, but not only offers beautiful views, but feels like a portal path to a special place. A very special peace lies over this place and as always at places of power, I not only relax totally, but am in the magic now. My senses are excited and I take everything as awake as if I had drunk two cups of coffee.

Something happens when flirting with donkeys ...

On the left side there is a hill with stones on it, later I read that this too must have been a prehistoric grave. But she is closed. Continue to the dolmen. But there a donkey blocks the way for me. He is not only curious, but obviously also wants to be cuddled. As I stroke him, he carefully sniffs my entire face. I have to giggle because his breath tickles so much. By the way, he nearly ate my cell phone case, because he not only bite heartily into the green leather cover, but also began to want to grind it.

The cows look like they're wearing a halo.

#The Dolmen and its history

About 3,500 years ago, the land must have been more fertile and dry than today. At that time in Neolithic, researchers assume today, the first people settled in this area began to build houses, to keep goats and not to live only from hunting and berry picking. They probably did not just settle down, they suspect, they probably also dedicated their dead or the holy places special buildings, only one explains oneself today that stone tombs like these developed. Donegal has more than 140 of these stone tombs, and Kilclooney is arguably the best known and largest. After all, the dolmen is 1.80 meters high and the capstone, which connects both steal, weighs much more than 100 tons and is more than 4.3 meters long (some sources say even 6 meters).

Moss at the foot of the dolmen. Elves live there, right?

# What was the Dolmen of Kilclooney once?

Actually, archaeologists believe, these stones were once surrounded by a mass of small stones. However, in the course of time, the people have these stones removed and used for the construction of their houses, so the theory, so that only the skeleton of the large stones has stopped. Since clay pots have been found, it is now believed that the dolmen was once a Stone Age tomb.

I really like that color of grass.

The monument, that's for sure, used to have two chambers, one of which collapsed, you can actually see the remains if you go west, where there are huge stones stacked on top of each other. How the humans moved these big stones remains a mystery, as well as what those portal dolmens once used.

Beautiful, Irish expanse

But does not it matter anyway? What matters is today, what landscapes and stones emit in such places of power. It has given me a great peace and a deep peace. Maybe it was because I just knew that people did not care about mails and stuff at the time, but took time for what was important, what was happening, instead of worrying about the morning. Actually, I did not want to leave anymore - but the Irish weather proved its bouncer qualities in this case as well, when it suddenly painted the sky black.

Pressing is this structure.

#Information on Kilclooney's megalithic tomb:

The dolmen is located halfway between Ardara and Narin on the Loughrea Peninsula in Donegal, the northern Irish state. The information center to the dolmen is on the right hand side on the main street, about the height of the church.

The path to the dolmen leads over a cow pasture.

Entrance to the dolmen is free, but it is recommended to register at the Infocenter if you are traveling beyond the main season.

At Portnoo the beach is wide and beautiful, it is very close to the dolmen.

The beach of Portnoo is beautiful wide and big. Must see. The peninsula Inishkeel with its ruined church is also full of myths and can be hiked at low tide. But best only with a knowledgeable guide, because the tide comes here very fast.

We ate at the restaurant Nancy's in Ardara, there were even vegetarian burgers. The pub itself is a sight with its decoration from old stuff. It's kind of like coming into the house of an Irish grandmother, the fireplaces are flackering very nice as well. The family has run this pub for seven generations, making it an institution well beyond the borders of Donegal. Specializes in fish and home cooking.


  1. I do not like stones but I really like the beach of Portnoo! I have seen so many posts about Ireland and everyone is just thrilled!

    • Thanks Manni, the beach was really the blast. But the dolmen too. And you will probably still find some stones with me, I like them very much 🙂

  2. As impressive as this formation is, the real highlight for me here is the view into the distance ... hach! Ireland is really beautiful!

  3. away on a trip

    Beautiful photos of the dolmen and the beach also looks gorgeous, as I get longing for Ireland. We visited some dolmens, but we did not manage yours. Powerful and very impressive I found on our trip the Poulnabrone Dolmen, which I describe in my blog. I am curious what you have experienced in Ireland and look forward to your contributions
    LG Andrea

    • Thank you, dear Andrea. Ireland is just a dream, I like the people there too! Since I have to look at the same time with you, what else you have to Ireland.
      best regards

  4. Again a great article from you. I had to somehow think of this farmer and of his property with this mystical stone. What he thinks about the fact that tourists are always looking for the way to his property ...
    The animal pictures are super-beautiful! And especially the last picture from the beach is beautiful again. Stimulates to dream. You can hang your beach pictures on the wall! Great!

    • Thank you, dear Amara, that makes me very happy. I asked myself the same thing when we were there, but the Irish are somehow deeply relaxed. best regards

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