Why I love the North Sea so much


It is gray, full of silt and the water is never there? This is how some people see the North Sea. It can do much more than other oceans. My declaration of love to the North Sea and the Wadden Sea.

#Dynamic North Sea - Life is change

There is probably no sea that is as active as the North Sea and at the same time so unstable. She reshapes the landscape every day. There are new islands and sandbanks or other islands lose their surface, as happens with Sylt. But elsewhere new sandbanks are growing out of the water, for example in front of the holms with Japsand or Norderoogsand. The North Sea is a prime example of dynamics and the flow of life. Where else, but on the North Sea, is it better to philosophise that life means change? That today is nothing like it was yesterday? Anyone watching the North Sea sees that one need not fear change.

The Watt is not gray. It is colorful

Watt at Hooksiel in the evening

It's all his way and that, even though it's different every day. It is nothing rigid and lashed, but constantly redesigned. For example, the tides on the North Sea, they fall every day to a different time. If you are traveling by ferry, you have to use the power of the moon on some routes, then, when it pleases the sea, you need to refill the waterways. This is a miracle in our world, where you can always get everything immediately. Not at the North Sea. There you have to wait. And maybe remember that sometimes it's better to pause for a moment instead of rushing through life. Nevertheless, everything is always in motion, just like life itself. Only death means rest and standstill. And so, for me, it is pure joie de vivre and creativity, when the North Sea lets out new puddles in the mudflats every day, filling up the plains with more, sometimes with less water.

North Sea. Watt. ebb

Sandstorm is also there, here in Schillig

North Sea beach with water

Sandbanks between the islands: North Sea from above

#Ebbe is the best time

At the North Sea, the water is always gone - that is the prejudice of most people. That's true. But is it something bad? But on the contrary! Ebb is for me the best time at the North Sea. Then a landscape of a thousand puddles that reflect the sky opens up. Where else in the world does one have the chance to wade on the seabed, which will later be flooded? In some places you wade then 2-3 meters below the sea level. Or more. Yes, the North Sea is slippery and slippery. But the silt is great, it feels so nice underfoot, it is a very special adventure when you sink something with your feet as in a mass pudding. This is for me to be at the moment, finding rest, listening to the smacking underfoot and being careful not to slip. Waddling is a wonderful way of hiking, and it only works at low tide. But not only that. At low tide the horizon and the gaze seem to be wider than on other seas. Then there really is nothing but ground and so much heaven over your head.

Watt in the sunset at Horum

Art on the beach of Dangast

Boat in front of Dangast

#Wattgluckern - the sound of the North Sea

Wave noise - that can be any sea. The North Sea is also a place of fine tones. Anyone who has ever sat down at the Watt knows how exciting the North Sea can be in its supposed silence. It tingles like in a glass, it creaks and chuckles - all under the mud. Sometimes a small hole appears next to the foot, because a lugworm or a shell works through the sand. The gray of the mud is full of life - and he makes sounds in a very fine way. Listening is worth it, the sound of the North Sea is something unique in the world.

Watt - you have to listen carefully

#Drama, Baby: Unique cloud games

Drama can do it, the North Sea. Especially in the sky. There she creates magic pictures that only exist there. Blue sky? Pah, Italy or Austria can do that. The North Sea is not satisfied with that. It's as if their palette has more sounds than other skies. At the North Sea, the weather changes within a few minutes from radiantly beautiful to dripping wet. This is annoying if you are not used to it. And beautiful, if you have the Friesennerz. Because I've never seen so many rainbows as on the North Sea. Today they even existed all day long, from dawn to dusk they always turned up where I was and painted bright colors on the horizon. But even without rainbows, the clouds pile up to mountains and this often looks like the paintings that Emil Nolde has painted: above thick rain clouds, from somewhere but comes a sunbeam and lit the field so that it appears bright green. Or the sky suddenly turns purple because of a thunderstorm.

clouds Drama

Beach chair, cloud cinema and rainbow - that's how it is in Schillig.

Dike and drainage ditches - there is so much water.

Almost a painting by Nolde.

Rainbow spans over Dangast

#There are lonely islands in the North Sea

You do not have to travel out of the country to find lonely islands - they also exist in the North Sea. However, they have only one catch: they are really lonely, that is, they are also largely not allowed to be entered by visitors. On some lives only a bird keeper and watches the birds in the summer. Some are regularly freed of alluvial plastic waste and some such as Memmert, Minsener Oog or Japsand can be reached with Watt walks and guided tours. Basically, however, the birds should be there among themselves, because the islands are important retreat area.

In the distance lies the Minsener Oog

, Neuwerk, Trischen, Norderoog, Japsand, Südfall, Süderoog, Kormoraninsel vor Sylt (Linnsand). Lonely islands in the North Sea are: Memmert, Kachelotplatte, Mellum, Minsener Oog, Nigehörn, Scharhörn , Neuwerk, Trischen, Norderoog, Japsand, Südfall, Süderoog, Cormorant Island off Sylt (Linnsand).

Dark cloud, green fields, water channels - Hallig Hooge

The Halligschule of Nordstrandischmoor with 4 pupils

#The inhabited North Sea islands

Whether Juist, Norderney or a Hallig - the North Sea islands themselves are a reason to fall in love with the North Sea, right?

# Flocks of birds

The North Sea is a bird paradise, especially now in autumn. It offers millions of migratory birds a set table with their rich food supply. Just because they can gain between 60-120 percent in the watt, they can make the long stretches to Africa or Siberia. Now there are many beautiful places to see avocets, redshanks, oystercatchers and co. Or just watching the starlings form surprisingly large clouds and form themselves as a swarm (also called the black sun). I love this chatter in the air, this babbling of the birds when it hums and buzzes like a swarm of bees.

Small foot bath `complacent? Bird in the watt.

Starlings practice for the long flight

This is particularly nice in September ud October on the North Sea. And if you look closely, you see a real treasure in the sky: When seagull swarms fly up, it often glitters in the air as if diamonds were sparkling. I can just sit and watch the birds. Ebb is ideal when the animals stalk through the mud or you look for one of the many observation sheds and waits. Incidentally, the birds need the lonely islands of the North Sea, because their territory is so washed out at high tide and the birds must also have a place on land, where they rest. That's why the lonely islands are so important.

This sparkle!

Typical autumn: bird swarms on the North Sea

A true Dithmarscher

#The people

Yes, they are Frisian harsh. And yes, they are taciturn. But that does not mean that they have nothing to say: The people on the North Sea coast do not slobber so much, they prefer to do. There is hardly any trace of typical southern cordiality, sometimes they even seem rugged, even in tourism. But that's just the temper up here. When you start talking to them, you often get a completely different picture: they then open up, tell stories, give good tips. They just do not like small talk and they have one thing above all: their strong will and fat head, whether Dithmarscher, North or Ostfriese or simply friezes. But if you have a friend from the north, then you have him for life. This may also be due to the harsh conditions that the coast has created. And one more thing they can do very well: tolerance and integration. This may be due to the seafaring and port tradition, but people with different opinions, different skin color are taken there much more natural than elsewhere.

Crab cutter in Greetsiel

At the fish sandwich stand at the Speicherkoog

Acorns on the beach of Dangast

# Acorns instead of coconuts

Coconuts are far too dangerous if they fall on their heads. Acorns are raining on the North Sea. About in Dangast. They just lie there on the beach. That's special for me, too.

At the Kurhaus in Dangast there is the only forest right on the Watt in Germany

#The winter face

Summer, sun, blue sky, anyone can. Then it's nice on the North Sea, of course. But I like it especially in cold and stormy - so in winter. When the wind paints the cheeks bright red, walking only diagonally against the wind works and raindrops land like small pinpricks on the face. Then I feel the force of nature and how small I actually am as a human being. And how many things are bigger than me. Then real humility comes over me. And a real feeling of happiness, when I sit later with Friesentee in the warm room, the cheeks glow and everything is fine again. That is pure security for me. The best still with a crackling fireplace.

#The dike sheep


Sheep on the dike

#The sunsets

Sunsets - definitely a reason for the North Sea

Island light on Noderney

Stilt houses in Sankt Peter-Ording

Cheesy, right?

This light!

# Lighthouses

Pilsum lighthouse

Lighthouse in the Jade Bay

#The salt marshes


Even austerity can be colorful

Beautiful grass

Now in autumn, the spring swells red and shines in the salt marshes. But they are also always a beloved starting point of mine. They are so flat, clear and tidy. And psst, do not betray: I always take some Queller and snack some bites. Unfortunately, he is under protection, otherwise I would already have him more often in the salad.
Did I forget something? Most certainly. This will come to mind later when I press the Publish button. But as is the case with declarations of love, it must be sent urgently. Now.


  1. Gorgeous (st) e declaration of love to the North Sea! Wonderful pictures! Wonderful texts!
    Thank you very much!
    LG Daniel

  2. Dear Andrea,

    what a beautiful declaration of love to the North Sea, which I love very much.

    Best regards


  3. I'll sign everything, Andrea. (Strange, strange, I think I have never had tea at the North Sea.) I have to catch up. And the "almost like a Nolde" photo is awesome! All the best, Stefanie

    • Thank you, dear Stefanie! I've thought of you a few times while writing. And these Nolde pictures - there are, I believe, several in my archive. It is hard to believe what the North Sea sky can do. I like (psssst) almost more than the sea. And you have never drank tea there? Just do it, the real East Frisian mix with Kluntjes and cream, which always makes me much more alert than coffee. Greetings back

  4. Fantastic photos of a completely unknown area. I'm just one who knows the North Sea only by name. What you have written and shown here arouses my interest! Thanks for the great contribution! LG Manni

    • Dear Manni, thank you! At some point you too will throw a frieze mink and freeze up here. And amazed in the mud, for sure :-)
      Greetings to the south

  5. away on a trip

    Dear Andrea, Thank you for the declaration of love to the North Sea. I also love the North Sea and I have already visited some islands. Especially I am thinking of the great mudflat hike from Amrum to Föhr. Your photos are beautiful and the longing is awakened with me
    LG Andrea

    • Dear Andrea, that makes me very happy when North Sea connoisseurs write something like that. Thank you for the praise. And wanderlust is actually something nice, right?
      best regards

  6. gabi bernauer

    Hello Andrea,
    Now I like it there too!
    Alone for the bird swarms!
    Always great travelogue of you!

    • Dear Gabi, thank you, that makes me very happy, especially on this topic! I can only write if I have reached my heart places. And that definitely has the North Sea. It took some time with both of us, but I like it all the more now. And only then can I take beautiful pictures.
      best regards

  7. Oh how beautiful! Since one's heart, on this love blog report ... I'm soo happy to live on the North Sea coast! Thanks for this beautiful report and the magical pictures ....

  8. Matthias

    Beautifully written. All of this is a reason that draws us back to the North Sea every year.
    The great shots do the rest.

    • Dear Matthias, I am always happy about such nice words, thank you. And yes, holidays on the North Sea is always a good idea. Greetings and thanks for stopping by.

  9. You write to me from the soul ... all my reasons, why I was again and again and again at the North Sea, am and will be ... thanks for that!

  10. Oh, Andrea, I've just discovered this incredibly great contribution, every sentence speaks to me from the heart.
    How can you put it all so perfectly into words? I'm hard to touch, thank you !!

    • Dear Helmut, I am very happy about that. It was also a declaration of love, because it often gets emotional. The letter went quickly. I know why I like this area so much. Thank you for this wonderful comment and best regards

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