Clothing: Upcycling instead of throwing it away

Practical, fast and beautiful: just cut off jeans and paint - the hippie style is ready.

Old skirts, pants or sweaters do not have to be the same as the old clothes. They can be easily upcycled into individual pieces. My tips for upcycling clothes.

The pants are torn, the favorite sweater has stains or has broken in? The kids have grown out of things? With often small steps can be made of old clothes beautiful, new. The principle is: Do not look at the old clothes as rags, but as raw materials for new things. And then let your creativity run wild. Here are my tips for upcycling clothing.

Gauntlets and wristwarmers

The beautiful sweater is no longer fit or has holes? Then make warmers or cuffs out of it. Just cut off the cuffs of the sleeves and zigzag them so that the fabric does not rattle. That's it. If you want, cut in a hole for the thumb and surround it as well. I have made my favorite pulse warmers and countless for my daughter. If the sleeves are already worn, then you can also take the middle part of the pullover for pulse warmers, but then again have to close the ends with a seam. Or you look for a lot of old sweaters and sew a new one out.

A sweater from Nepal - you could do it yourself: Simply sew old sweaters together in a zigzag stitch.

Gauntlets - unfortunately not sewn, but knitted, this is also made of aufgeruppeltem yarn.

Small bags

I have inherited a worn children's leather pants and sewed many things from it. Mobile phone cases are a classic. This is always made of wool or leather. In this case, I have sewn from an old zipper and the leg of the leather pants a bag for my technique. The practical: The two side seams are already there, I just had to insert the bottom seam and sew a zipper on top - done. The bag accompanies me every day.

A bag - from a leg of old leather pants.


If everything is over, the sweater or pants no longer to save, then sometimes can still save some of it. I often separate pockets of jeans, zippers, buttons, appliqués, because I can still use them for other sewing projects. Once I sewed a Utelsilio out of old jeans and especially their bags, but you can also sew them on, which also looks funny.

Collecting zippers is always good

Make tops to the dress

Sometimes the top is too long, too wide or somehow not fitting. I then cut them in the middle, cut a suitable piece of cloth and use it as an extension. Mostly it's another t-shirt that does not fit anymore or has become too short. This is how dresses and tops can be made out of t-shirts.

The t-shirt has become too short of the many washing? Just grab another, which was too short and drannähen. If necessary, sew even tighter.

Extend t-shirts

The t-shirt has come in and now slips always uncomfortable on the belly button? Maybe you have another T-shirt you do not need anymore. Just cut off the upper part with shoulders and sleeves until you have a hose. Sew it down on the shirt, now you may have a two-tone shirt, which looks even prettier.

Cut off tights

Children grow out of their tights faster than they can buy them. That's why I just always cut off the feet of the pantyhose - finished the leggings. No seaming, no sewing machine, just cut it off. The fabric curls up and then looks like hemmed in.

Jogging pants and leggings are great to cut, you often do not even need to sew.

Cut off pants

Jeans or other pants do not fit anymore? Have unwanted holes in your knees or something? Then just make a pair of shorts out of it. Cut to the desired length. If you want, you can freak them out. Or you just plan on cutting a little more scope, so you can roll up your pants. Works on vacation, without a sewing machine. But if you need a hem - there is ironing tape that sticks on two sides. Iron on, roll up and the new shorts are ready.

Turn up pants

The simplest upcycling: I still have jeans "with punch", that is, the cut continues to the foot. But now tight pants are in fashion. What am I doing? I just roll up my pants, because she's tight at the top, she only gets on at the knee. In this way, even 20-year-old linen pants can still turn into a slim, tight 2/3-pants.

Extend trouser legs

Our grandmother knew this trick already: If the pants were too short, simply a piece of colorful fabric was sewn on and the trousers were finished in hippie style. In adults, it does not have to be colorful ribbons, I have extended my pants with matching fabrics, with many pants that was just the finishing touch. By the way, this is not only possible with pants, also sleeves can be extended and skirts.

The sleeve of this jacket was much too short. I just bought corduroy in the same width and extended the bat-style sleeve.

You want more tips for upcycling? Then have a look at Mona. There is a really great e-book about upcycling clothing. Here you come to the free e-book.


  1. away on a trip

    Wonderful ideas and many things I have already implemented myself. From an old jeans I have already made a denim skirt, cut off the legs and a beautiful light patterned fabric crimped sewed.
    LG Andrea

  2. I think in our time, we should all start to recycle our clothes. I have two children and would actually have to buy new clothes all the time. So I think it's great to cut off tights and use them as leggings. Thanks a lot!

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