The dream of the tree house

In the middle of the forest near Bad Zwischenahn hide the tree houses

Sleeping in the tree house for a night - that has always been my dream. He has fulfilled faster than I thought. Last week in the tree house of Bad Zwischenahn.

#Leeping in the trees

In orange, the light shines between the hazelnut branches. A gentle wind sweeps through the small forest. There are places where you only need to walk one foot out of the car and you are enchanted. I am, anyway. Stressed from my day I arrived in the evening in Bad Zwischenahn. Had Christmas menus been watching and writing about simmering, doing some research in Leer and thinking in between, I certainly could not keep my eyes open for much longer.

And now I am in the resort Baumgeflüster in Bad Zwischenahn and notice how the relaxation with every breath reaches my body more deeply. I am here and just inhale the wonderful air. Today I will sleep in a tree house for the first time.

It also has its charm in the morning

#A tree house? Luxury in the middle of the forest

And what a thing! A completely modern addition. You could also call it stylish if that was not a little out of place for a tree house. Actually, I just wanted to look at this special hotel in Bad Zwischenahn and then drive on, but because I'm researching for a book, the owner had offered to try out a night in this tree house for free. I could not say no.

The modern tree house hotel comes on stilts

From the tree house romance of childhood, of barren and draughty rooms no trace, here is instead the luxury of the 21st century. A steel staircase leads me to my house, which is built on a lofty height, a large wooden terrace.

It's evening in the woods

There is a smell of apples and grass, a meadow orchard is in front of the stilted houses. A deer is watching me from afar skeptically, but can not disturb the Äsen. Four tree houses are hidden in the forest. There are actually more comfortable cottages with living room, modern bathroom, bedroom and small kitchenette. The sofas are cuddly and on the table are trees and animals. No TV, no Wi-Fi code, here everything is switched off and live without media. The natural cinema is located directly in front of the window: the forest and its small and large inhabitants. Who needs radio or TV, Youtube or video games? It's like an enchanted place in this fast-paced media world. A place where the clock suddenly becomes unimportant, because robins and squirrels go to sleep at nightfall and simply take the tree-house visitors into this ancient rhythm of nature.

A perfect place for meditations

I cook a herbal tea, put my tired feet a little bit on the sofa's rug and leaf through a book of identification. But then the fatigue overcomes me. But I have to go out again, walk a bit through the forest to the meadow and look at the flashing stars. A look that always relativizes: What is really important in life? With these thoughts I cuddle my bed in the treetops. The house is caught between oak and hazelnut shrubs, the leaves rustle in the wind. And when I open the window, wonderfully spicy smell enters the room. I leave the window on tilt, so I can listen to the nocturnal singing. I fall asleep with the rustling of the leaves. What a nice sound!

small paths between the trees

At night I wake up. An owl must be sitting on the branch next to my window. Her huhuhu first got into my dream. Now I'm wide awake and listening to her sounds - and fall asleep again soon.

The stairs to the tree house

# Breakfast in the tree house

The next morning I wake up from the tap on my roof. There squirrels are obviously playing around and enjoying the big plateau to roll their nuts. While showering, I can look out of the window into the world of leaves and below waiting for the senior chef with his breakfast baskets. East Frisian tea, marzipan jam, homemade cream cheese, bread rolls and multigrain bread are available. On the bread bag a little morning greeting from the boss.

This is the breakfast in the tree house

The breakfast

But that can wait. While the tea is steaming in the cup and the cream of cloud is spreading, I have already lost my look in the green. A nuthatch runs headlong down the oak trunk and a spider springs in its web. It is a wonderful place of silence. Nature meditations, to arrive at yourself and to determine: you really do not need much to be happy. The view into the green of the trees is definitely one of them.

Forest walk in the morning: forest bathing before showering

#Information Baumhaus-Hotel Bad Zwischenahn

The Resort Baumgeflüster is located on the edge of Bad Zwischenahn and remains a secret tip. This is intended so that the guests are really left alone and not curious day trippers come. If you want to stay there, make an appointment with the hotel management and pick up keys and directions. More information is available at

The overnight stay in one of the four tree houses costs from 109 € per person (for four booked nights), the breakfast costs 13.50 (plus 5 € delivery service fee). The highest price for one night per person is 159 €, children under 16 cost 55 €, older 75 € and sleep in the living room on the sofa beds.

The tree houses are equipped with a soothing floor heating in the bathroom, there is a small kitchenette, as well as crockery and a fridge - perfect for all self-catering. The living room has even two sofas and a large dining table, almost like a small cottage is the mood in the treetops. The large terrace in front of the house is also at tree level. Stairs lead up to the individual houses.

They like such places? Then take a look at my article about the outdoor center in the Lahn valley.

The stay was supported by the resort Baumgeflüster, which invited me to this experience. Thanks a lot for this.


  1. Lieselotte Albert

    Dear Andrea,

    how beautiful - your wish has come true!
    That would be an experience for me. Unfortunately, I can not do it anymore.
    But it showed a friend, they also have the desire:
    Just switch off and be in harmony with nature.

    Love from,

  2. cool idea ! I would have been interested in a few interior shots. I think the price is very heavy. 109 euros without breakfast? If you are here for a few days holiday with family this will soon be an all inclusive holiday on the Mediterranean. So honest 2 adults with 2 children z. B. 338.-Euro for 1 night! I nearly cant believe that. Extravagant, yes, but not at this price. Thanks for pointing! LG Manni

    • Dear Manni, I also have indoor pictures, but they were not so nice, I think again, if I put them in. Tree house nights are expensive, yes, really, that's such a "once in a lifetime" thing. The tree house hotel in Bad Zwischenahn is even cheap, many other resorts of this kind cost double. best regards

      • Thanks for your answer and I was even on their homepage and of course the indoor shots seen. Sorry I stick to it, I would not worth the fun. Tastes and ideas are different and that's a good thing. , Thanks again because I did not even know that there is such a thing!

    • Dear Helmut, yes, very nice. It's just a luxury to sleep there, that's something you should be aware of. And: We spend money on so much nonsense, there's still something really nice and useful ...
      best regards

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