Sleeping in the overseas container in Warnemünde


Upcycling, so to make new things from old things, I think really good. For example, in Warnemünde in the hotel from disused overseas containers. Where else can such a hotel lie, as near the harbor, at the former freight yard with a view of the Warnow shipyard? It can hardly be true to style. The children were already very excited, my daughter asked already on arrival: "In the containers were bananas, chocolate or clothes?" An exciting question that I unfortunately could not answer. And yes, but I was quite curious how to build a hotel from such simple containers.

In fact, the Dock Inn looks like a bunch of neatly stacked containers, it looks very geometric and modern from the outside. Turquoise bicycles are in front of the door, instead of a luggage rack they have strapped an empty crate on the luggage rack. Inside, we are greeted by a large, bright room, where two soccer goals have been placed on the polished concrete floor right in front of the reception and cheerfully kick the ball while their parents are still having breakfast in peace.


The huge lobby

The large space below is divided by containers, which form small lounges, in which one can retire for man-anger-you-not-playing (with Kronkroken, upcycling is apparently capitalized here) or chilling. In a container above is a small cinema housed, next to the joy of the children are pinball machines.

Since we are four, we get a family suite - on the 5th floor with a view of the shipyard and the cruise terminal, which is currently a huge ship. The lady at the front desk is really nice - like everyone else in the hotel. That's what I remember most, the great friendliness and helpfulness of the staff. Somehow, the people are all very relaxed and nice, I know that so far only from the south and would have expected the least.

Hotel converted to container

In front of the rooms there is a large terrace, in the evening sitting outside is secured. The suite is made up of multiple containers and I feel at home immediately, as everything is clear, friendly and bright, with huge bathrooms and a wonderful view. The hotel is fully booked, but as I take a look in the other, normally large rooms, I see that in a container, you can really accommodate everything a hotel needs: bed, bath and even a small sofa. Somehow the life in the container exudes something special, or it's the staff, anyway, I feel immediately comfortable and meet only on friendly faces.

Funny idea

So beautiful can be containers

I especially liked the open concept - it's a huge reception area where couches are just great for relaxing while the kids dig out the board games that lie in small boxes next to the sofas. Or go for a round of fun. Or bouldering, because the hotel has its own bouldering hall, which unfortunately was not finished when we were there. The communal kitchen was not finished yet, but I think it's a great idea that you can also take care of yourself in between. And Warnemünde as a destination is really nice, if the seaside resort is not enough, you can quickly make a trip to nearby Rostock .

Info Dock Inn:

Shared rooms are available from 19 euros per person / night, the suite from 49 euros per person / night and the double rooms cost from 29 euros per person / night.

The hotel is located two minutes from the train and 15 minutes from the beach.

The restaurant from above.

The research was supported by the Dock Inn, thanks for that.

Other bloggers were also guests at the Dock Inn, for example Beate from the blog Reiselust magazine, describing her impressions here. And other unusual accommodation you can find in my tree house or in the central bank. Also Ria from the blog Ria on Tour has found unusual places: Sleep in a garden shed in Ostfriesland about.


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  3. An interesting solution with the containers! Thank you for the idea! On a coast or with us at the forest lake something would be very attractive!

  4. A cool post! I work in a container rental and it is interesting to me, how to use containers for hotel and decoration nowadays. The hotel looks super chic and modern!

  5. The concept of Dock Inn looks quite unusual! Such a container could serve as a garden shed. Mobile living is also very topical today. A pretty authentic solution!

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