About me


Nice to read you here. I am Andrea and the best description of what I do was my daughter invented recently. She calls my profession "Wegreiserin" and "Buchschreiberin". I think that's apt. As a writer, I love writing and taking pictures. And as a travel journalist, the topic of sustainability. That's why I prefer to go outside, whether on hikes, swimming, canoeing, cycling or going out with the dog. On the way I like to be with exciting people who can tell me something about nature, old craft, regional cuisine, old customs or things that make our world a little more contemplative. And since our world not only consists of what we can see and name, but also a lot of things that seem inexplicable, that just awakens my curiosity: mysticism and religious traditions are topics that I somehow find on every journey.

In 2017, I started this blog, which is slowly filling up with life and dedicated to my very personal topics, views and experiences. I'm happy about everyone and everyone who reads in or even discusses here. My blog is not just about telling stories about places and people I met while traveling, but above all, it's about proving that you do not have to travel far for adventures, because there are many extraordinary things that can be found nearby. And so it has developed in recent years that the North Sea has become one of my main topics. But also the resin. This travel blog focuses on traveling in Germany. More about my blog and a media kit can be found here .

When I'm not out and about, I write reports or books. My projects and references can be found here . And then there is another side of my work that has nothing to do with journalism - it is dedicated to the animals, because I am also a trained veterinary practitioner. And yes, I really like the mysticism and shamanic work, I dedicated it to my own blog right away.

I forgot the private? With my husband and two children, I live in a village in the surroundings of Hannover and love to watch the sunrise in the morning. Because the unfiltered, Pure is what impresses me.

In the changing car at the White Dune