Indigo blue like ...


Travel opens the eyes and the senses. Who travels, dives into other worlds, experiences foreign cultures and learns to value the diversity of this world. Only what one has learned to appreciate, one tries to protect. That's why sustainability and travel is not a contradiction and nature in all its facets focus of this blog. But because we always perceive much more than just with our eyes, this is also about mysticism. For there is much more in this world than our eyes can see.


  1. Krista-Elizabeth KASSEM-FARRAG

    INDIGO BLUE. ......... .. BE PROTECTED -

  2. The deeper you go into a blue, the closer you come to the origin, approaching the primal forces. As the blue is darker, indigo-colored, darker, blue-black.

    From such a color the idea of ​​the beginning of being comes to meet you. It's like a pull. One should only go in if one is strong enough to come out again.

  3. Mike Viktor

    The moon is reflected in the indigo blue of the sea. In the source of hope and the source of resistance. In the eye of the world.

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