Weimar: Staying overnight in the central bank

There are money cassettes in the vaults, but not all that is in there ...

An extraordinary place to stay I found in Weimar: In the old central bank, there are recently apartments. Not only are they central, but the building is a monument in itself.

It does not smell of money at all, but of cleaning materials, iron and wood as we enter the old Weimar bank. And as soon as I'm in the building, I'm already in love - in the old elevator from the year 1926. A barred structure, whose ropes creaking set in motion, as I press his dainty button. Are we five with our suitcases coming upstairs? Even the landlord Anselm Graubner trembles and thinks visibly whether he should not rather walk. The managing director of the Weimar family hotel leads us to his new achievement: apartments in the old central bank. But first we have to arrive at the top. Because this elevator model from 1926 is a little adventure, which does not really surprise me with my penchant for challenges.

The beautiful staircase in the central bank to Weimar

Even old notes are still hanging in the old central bank in Weimar.

The elevator of 1926

Of course, it does not just work out the way you would expect, but calls my attention with its rattle and chatter. That he sometimes likes to stop, I learn only when I get off the top again. Incidentally, by the way, with hinged by hand door. Anselm Graubner turns her carefully and breathes in relief when we arrive at the upper floor. "In principle, this elevator is a diva," says Grauber and looks almost a bit despondent, as is typically the case with divas.

The central bank in Weimar from the outside

On the roof of the central bank

But he did not want to give up the beautiful elevator. Could not he, because he is, like everything in this house, listed. In a city like Weimar, where you meet Goethe and Schiller or other thinkers at every turn, it is quite refreshing to sometimes deal with things beyond the classics. With money, for example. But we will come to that later. First, we rise to the central bank on the roof. For the apartments in Weimar, all of which have been renovated according to ecological guidelines, also includes a large roof terrace. From there you can not only watch the sunrise, but also the sea of ​​lights, which sparkles in the evening from the city to the sky.

Staircase in the central bank - there it goes to the apartments in Weimar.

In the money cellar

The house, on the roof we stand, was a problem property for years. Who wants to buy an old bank, even if it is in Weimar? One more, which is a listed building? Dr. Lorna Heyge has taken the courage to recognize the potential of the building together with Anselm Graubner. The musician has founded a foundation and so today the central bank is in the hands of the Heyne Foundation , managed by Anselm Graubner. He has created a new hotspot of creativity out of the building. Where once loans were approved or rejected, today artists and freelancers such as design offices, photographers, musicians have settled. Doors that remain locked to us. Very different things open up for them - the most sacred, the old money cellar. Anselm Graubner gives a private tour through the central bank in Weimar - exciting especially for the children. When do you ever have the chance to enter the safe area of ​​a bank?

Turn and then the safe goes up - entrance to the holiest in the central bank.

Somehow, in the 1920s, order was not as sterile as it is today.

First, he explains the meaning of the six colored light bulbs hanging from the ceiling in ornate hangings in the corridors. "This is a messaging system." Ah, a kind of modern Whats app, my son speculates. Exactly, coupled with a secret >

The ancient Whats App - alarm system of the central bank.

The colorful pears actually had a purpose, they do not just hang there as decoration.

In the basement of the vault

But it is actually much more interesting in the basement, which is also completely listed with its barred gates and the thick vault doors. There is not only a room in which the money of the Landesbank Thüringen was stacked at that time, but also a room with many small vaults. "We even found a mummified rat in a vault," says Anselm Graubner. Nobody knows exactly how it got there. Today, the rooms look more like a museum - well maintained, some abandoned a bit suddenly and all inanimate, as if the central bank had just moved out. Through long corridors it goes back to the ground floor, there are concert halls and one floor up is the former director's room, everything just like a small, private museum, only that it is filled with life, because many office communities have settled there.

The thick vault doors have a special closing leveranism.

Safe room in Weimar

The attic with the apartments looks like a small house in the house. Under the slope, it is as cuddly as in a tent, only that the rooms are much larger and more comfortable. The bed is so wide that we could easily sleep in a bed as a whole family - Heavenly space and morning views of the sunrise. In the kitchen, there are stylish dishes from the 1920s and if not exactly the east wind as us brings a cold front, you can even sit in the arcade in front of the apartment in the open and enjoy a break from the cultural bustle. The Goethe House and the Deutsches Nationaltheater are around the corner - and this feeling of sleeping in an old bank is something very special about the safe and negotiation rooms.

There are money cassettes in the vaults, but not all that is in there ...

... but in a mummified rat too.

Apartments in Weimar

The apartments in the central bank in Weimar are now bookable. They cost from 80 euros per night, prices vary according to the season and size of the apartment. Overall, the apartments are beautifully centrally located. They have been renovated according to ecological standards, such as clay plaster and casein paint. The apartments are ideal for families in Weimar and better than some hotel, because they are nicely cut and have a very well equipped kitchen and several toilets. www.goethezimmer-notenbank.de

We loved it as a family there, the beds were huge as the rooms also, we slept like the marmots. Overall, we were surprised that it is so quiet, although the central bank is located on the big Steubenstrasse, so in the center of Weimar. The German National Theater was only a ten-minute walk away as well as the Goethe House .

The huge bed in the central bank.

The apartments in the central bank in Weimar.

The kitchen in the apartments in Weimar.

Central Bank can also be understood differently

Four million were once on this car in bills and were pushed through the cellar.

Everything is kept in yellow and green

The trip was supported by the Goethezimmer apartments. Thanks for that!

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  1. So unbelievable what you often put in here for contributions! I think it's great and these apartments are really not everyday and exciting at the same time! Who has ever stayed in a bank? I do not know anybody ! So I have to stretch both thumbs up again and I'm totally excited about this post! LG Manni

    • Oh, dear man, thank you! That pleases me very much. Yeah, I thought so too: When can you ever sleep in a bank? I hope so, too, that has a positive effect on my money karma 😉 And again I had to think of you: You would have had really fun in photography! Greetings to the south from the snowy north

  2. this is a great tip for our next stay in weimar. I will also try such a holiday apartment. So far, we were mostly in the gingkohaus ...

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