Memory Ogo: geese, fish sandwiches and wild horses


Between Büsum and Friedrichskoog lies the Speicherkoog. He looks so nice on the map that I wanted to go there.

# Untouched nature at the North Sea

It's always such a problem with the water on the North Sea. Sometimes it is there and sometimes the sea is just gone. Once again, I got up too late to take a bath, and certainly to see the sea. So I have to think of an alternative to somehow still come to the water. I ask the landlady of my hotel in Oldenwöhrden and she knows promptly advice: "Go to the memory oog. With a little luck, you will even see the wild horses there. "Wild horses? She could not have said a better word, already it draws me to the Koog, who looked so exciting on the map.

Kohlfeld in Dithmarschen

White cabbage from Dithmarschen

# In the Kohlland Dithmarschen

Not only the water is difficult to find on the North Sea, some places also, especially if they are nature reserves that have no street names. Because between Kohlfeld 1 and Kohlfeld 2 lead paved roads to the sea, but do I know if they arrive there too? Sometimes they just end up in the middle of nowhere. Yes, the country is flat and actually you should think that you could drive on sight, but only the one who has driven on the North Sea coast so far only with his finger on the map.

Radiate peace out: The dike sheep

On the ground everything looks very different, lakes unexpectedly open in front of you and you drive a huge detour, if you have caught the wrong road. Or the way ends at the dike - without turning right and left. And so I hesitate for a while, which turn I should take now for Speicheroog. The worst decision is the one you did not hit, so I'll make a short decision about the next paved dirt road for mine. Only later I see that there is also a signage, but some streets further.

Red cabbage from Dithmarschen.

A farmer pests his road with this tractor, the cabbage bumps behind in the trailer, which looks rather like a big orange box on wheels. Kohl harvest time in Dithmarschen, quite clearly. Let tractor go by, drive on and be amazed. The path is the right one, the spontaneous decision also, because soon I see a kind of lake with a parking lot and this typical wooden house on stilts, a bird watching house. And it is not as quiet as in other places in Dithmarschen, but quite loud. It chatters and flutters around me. Seagull swarms fly above me, in the distance I see oystercatchers, only from the horses no trace. It is a wonderful moment even without horses. Around me, the atmosphere is full of life, that's what I like about birds: with their presence they enchant the air around you, whirl, chatter or flutter and show me all over the world, that I'm not alone on the road, if it is still seems so lonely. Up to 250 different species of birds can be counted here on good days, especially during spring and autumn, as the area is on the bird's eye line.

A cozy place

Bird watching house

#Bird watching at the storage oog

North Sea by car is way too good, so into the nature: The salt wind gives me a new haircut, my hair feels like they are treated with grandma's laundry strength. The wind blows red color in my cheeks and gives me a pleasant tingling sensation on the skin. Let's start, then, for a brief moment, I regret that I did not take any inliners with me, because this would be the perfect place to slip on and progress in this vastness. But one learns quickly - hurry is not good, to have time is also a kind of enjoyment, so I let myself drift through the countryside and meet avocets, barn swallows and many other birds, which I can not assign by name.

These birds can be seen on the storage touco: bearded tit, redcurrant, gray heron, black-headed gull, pond sandpiper, thorax, short-eared owl, stilt, meager, short-billed goose, Icelandic black-tailed godwit, golden plover, cornwall plover, white-winged tern, grebe, snow hawk, whooper swan, hen harrier, osprey, White-tailed eagles and even a flamingo have been spotted there .

This is how the coast has to be: Clouds of birds can be seen

duck family

Above me, a Milan flies and somewhere in the distance I see the dike with the small Schabknubbeln. Alongside the path, there are always lakes (holes called) on or connecting channels. Flat panorama to the dike, the view widens as well as the sky seems to stretch over me. Go and listen - the chirping outside and the chirping in my head, which I usually do not perceive in front of loud "I just have to go".

Typical marsh landscape.

Barrier at the memory oog

Meldorfer harbor

#The Meldorfer harbor

Arrived at the Meldorfer harbor, it was with the rest, there dwelling on the Sperrwerk construction divers, curious people watched - and there was even a fish sandwiches with crab rolls. Actually, I do not eat any more animals, but sometimes it has to be, like now. And by the way, there is still a nice Klönschnack with fish shed owner Uta Schlüter.

At the fish sandwich stand at the Speicherkoog

She tells me about the renaturation of the polders, about the many ornithologists who like to come here, and about the crab prices that fall in autumn. When I photograph them, a man in a fisherman's cap jokes, "And why do not you take pictures of me? I'm a true Dithmarscher! "We all have to laugh. I do not really like to photograph people and put them as "exhibits" to my stories, certainly not when they balk or I have to persuade them. Sure, if the story is about the person or the job, then it must be, but in exotic countries I always have my problems flaunting people just because they look so different. But this Dithmarscher enjoys the shoot - and he looks wonderful with the cap and the wind-carved lines on his face. I just can not say no.

A true Dithmarscher

I walk on to the beach, which consists of dykes and mudflats. The sea is as expected after Tideplan not there and I wonder if I would slip over these stairs and the muddy soil at this point in the North Sea, as Stefanie has done from the blog "stay close" . There is no answer that day, because either the times are unfavorable or the weather (stupid excuse? Maybe.) The green beach and me - we both need a try together again.

Watt hiking with dog.

Watt, wherever you look.

Instead, I look into the distance and listen to my thoughts, which are getting slower and quieter. I could spend days here. At some point, however, I have to continue to look at the next places. I walk for a while through the landscape, stretching my neck again and again, but I have not seen the wild horses. So I definitely have a reason to come back. Then I will also try the green beach. Made firmly.

The water is gone, I would not have dared.

#Information and Arrival MemoryOog

The storage oog is a salt marsh biotope, which is supposed to be like a small ark for the wildlife in the diked landscape Dithmarschen, because with the land reclamation and the ditching the valuable salt marshes have disappeared, the many birds were a refuge. It consists of two areas, a saltwater lake, which is always fed by the barrage and his freshwater counterpart, the Wöhrdener Loch. Before the area was put under protection, it was almost vegetation-less and barren, today something has developed there, which love above all birds: Schilfflächen, wonderful for hiding and brooding, small Sanddornbüsche provide for delicacies in between. Thrushes, such as juniper, love these bushes as nesting sites, but also geese, whistling ducks, great egrets, limikoles and swans can be seen in this area. Clouds of starlings can be seen in the nature reserve in spring and autumn.

Two large nature reserves belong to the Speicherko: the Kronenloch and the Wöhrdener Loch. While the crown hole is supplied by the barrage at Meldorfer harbor with North Sea water, the north located Wöhrdener hole is already a freshwater area. In order not to leave the landscape but to preserve the Marschwiesencharakter, not only sheep as landscape keepers are important because they keep the grass and any tree saplings, short, but also the wild horses, more specifically, wild ponies who live there since 2004 , The Korniks are a Polish rubuste breed, their stock currently counts about 50 animals. There are own guides to the wild horses.

There is also a small campsite.


  1. Very nice you have one of my favorite regions described. Only a few miles from there is the Hamburger Hallig, I always like to visit. Class report with very nice photos.

    • Dear Werner, Oh well, I also wanted to visit the Hamburger Hallig at that time, but I did not make it anymore. That's a pity. I did not know that you are so much like that. Thanks for stopping by and greetings

      • Then look on my blog there you will find a report on Hamburger Hallig .I spend some time there, since I am on the local NABU station.

  2. A good friend of mine does observation service and counts there. He is mostly there for 6 weeks and I often stay there for 14 days.

  3. Simply beautifully written! Very nice to incorporate your thoughts and feelings. Somehow "deeper" than the posts I've read from you before ... but I have not read them all yet. It works for me, whether something would have changed with you personally lately. I could really immerse in your walk. ?

    Thank you for this great contribution!
    Greetings to you! ?? ♀️

    • Oh, dear Amara, thank you, <3 but that's nice. Yes, something has changed, I would like to make more such contributions, will not always be possible, but maybe more often. Of course, such feedback helps a lot. Greetings and many, many thanks for the motivation

  4. Dear Andrea, how nice that you like the Speicheroog so much. I think that's a very special place; but that is really a type question. There are sure to be people who just find it empty and unattractive. Absolutely I wish you a second try on the green beach. Whereby I have to have it very, very warm, to dare.
    Thank you for linking and best regards, Stefanie
    PS .: Because you've cut here in the comments of the Hamburger Hallig - the memory goog also has its own, former Hallig. Helmsand; From the barrage it is perhaps 3 km towards Friedrichskoog. It is smaller than the Hamburger Hallig; There is no NABU or restaurant. Of course, not so many people are traveling there (I love that especially on the Meldorfer bay).
    PPS: One more thing - how funny that you like to go in Dithmarschen. It happens to me constantly. And it's exactly how you write. It is believed that it would not be possible at all to lose the way on the flat land. In truth, it is impossible to find the right path right away.

    • Dear Stefanie, oh how nice to read you here, that makes me happy now. I really like the place and was already thinking about going there in the winter, but the journey is a bit further. Thank you for the tip with the Hallig, I had already read that with you and put on my list, the Hallig sounded namely very exciting and I'm so since this year Halligfan become. The thing with the procedure is still something fataler in Dithmarschen: I exhibited sometime the navigation system, because that obviously was not adjusted to the ferries and always wanted to steer us the much longer country way. Then stood on the road signs much lower mileage than the sat nav said. Dithmarschen is a bit elongated like Venice: whenever you think of a short cut, the canal or river crosses the path. I like it a lot, you have to rethink - and to think about the Dithmarscher way, we both know well.
      Thank you for stopping by and many greetings
      PS: Cold in the North Sea does not bother me, but maybe the green beach? Because it provides such a splendid excuse?

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