Why do not I eat mussels?


At the latest after the mudflat walk on Juist I made a decision: Mussels and other types of mussels are not on the plate. Eating them is really disgusting. Some stories that you hear on the move simply change: thinking, everyday processes or just eating habits. And that's why I like traveling and the other people and cultures meet so much. There are always food for thought or encounters that you would not have had at home. It does not always have to be Malaysia or Madagascar - a stay on Juist is enough. The walk with Watt guide Heino, for example, made it very clear that mussels in the North Sea are already in sharp decline. "Why do you have to eat them in Munich if we do not have enough of it here?" He asks and tells that once even cockles were allowed to be fished in the Wadden Sea. "Shells are the water treatment plants of our sea, without them it is deceptive. We can not just eat that. "

Mussel shells

Sewage treatment plants? Above all, I associate organic, stinking waste with it - yes, exactly that one. Mussels are omnivorous, meaning they eat everything that comes between their gills. Unfortunately everything. Everything? Yes. Shit! Exactly, too. Excrement too. Watt guide Heino has a really impressive story from his childhood, which I will not divulge here, but it is so disgusting that you certainly have no appetite for seafood.

Not only that, you should avoid mussels. By filtering the water, which today is often contaminated with heavy metals and toxins, they also absorb these poisons and store them. Something we humans eat when we eat shells. Although these burdens have fallen in recent years , they are still measurable. What is often not measured is the plastic and microplastic load on the animals. Do you want to eat it all? I do not think so. Well, I'm eating more vegan and vegetarian anyway, but sometimes, especially on the go, when there's hardly anything else, a fish ends up on my plate. Mussels but, I swore on Juist, it will not be really anymore. By the way, oysters are also mussels.


  1. I do not like seafood at all, but I did not know this Omnivor thing about the mussels either ... blatant!

    Thank you for your report.

    Lovely wishes,

  2. Hmmm ... your article really makes me think!
    Actually, I really like seafood of all kinds ... .but from this point of view, I have not considered the life and function of a shell ...
    I will join you and eat no more mussels ... so that they can continue to filter our seas. '
    Thank you very much for this great contribution, dear Andrea.

    Feel nice and warm

    • Dear Gabi, I think that's really nice, this feedback. I think if you're in Büsum or Juist, you can even do it. But this thing, that the Muschekn must be eaten everywhere, even in the mountains and thus empty the watts, I find alarming. Lovely wishes

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  4. Well, I have never realized what a special, important task the mussels have. I like to drive to the sea. Good that I have never eaten mussels. Especially this slurping of oysters ... brrr, already the thought shakes me. But now I find mussels not only inedible, now I have a great argument not to eat them.
    Best regards Beate!

  5. Hello Andrea,

    me again. For a long time not at all or then several times in succession. 😉

    Mmm. I did not know that about the mussels and the mussels in general. Before "decades" have eaten some. They were tasty too. But in retrospect .... And, as I once read or heard, they are thrown alive into the hot water. They are living beings. Just like a lobster. I also refuse to eat, because that is animal cruelty for me.
    Thanks for the wonderful explanation.
    LG 🙂

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